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Tasks are in Silverlight

Posted by dashih on September 2, 2011

So many of you have asked about it, and it's finally here.  You can now download the RC SDK and Developer Runtime of Silverlight 5, which includes TPL Tasks! h... [read more]


My Annual Arizona .NET Speaking Event this Friday

Posted by ScottGu on April 18, 2011

This Friday, April 22nd, I'll be holding my 8th Annual “Day of .NET” event in Arizona.  Organized by my friend Scott Cate, this all-day event is fre... [read more]


How to profile ASP.NET and Silverlight at the same time

Posted by andrehal on February 10, 2011

In Visual Studio 2010 SP1 we enabled the ability to profile Silverlight applications from the Visual Studio UI.  Unfortunately there is a limitation where ... [read more]


Visual Studio 11 Beta currently incompatible with AsyncCtpLibrary*.dll

Posted by Stephen Toub - MSFT on March 4, 2012

The C# and Visual Basic compilers implement support for async/await by generating code that utilizes some specific types in the underlying framework.  These ty... [read more]


VS2010: Silverlight 4 profiling from Visual Studio UI

Posted by profiler on June 2, 2010

In my previous post I showed how VS2010 Profiler command line tools can be used to profile your Silverlight 4 application, as this feature is only partially int... [read more]


Silverlight 2 Poster Available

Posted by Richard Bushnell on March 17, 2008

You’re not a real Silverlight developer until you have the poster stuck up on your wall. Apparently these were hot at Mix. Thanks to Brad Abrams for posti... [read more]


HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone - MIX 2011 Registration Open

Posted by Doug Holland on January 26, 2011

Whether you're a Web developer interested in harnessing the awesome power of Windows Internet Explorer 9 with HTML5, a Silverlight developer developing the next... [read more]


VS2010: Silverlight 4 profiling

Posted by profiler on April 27, 2010

Did you know that Visual Studio 2010 Profiler allows you to profile your Silverlight 4 applications? You didn't? It does. This feature, however, is only partia... [read more]


Build Windows ?

Posted by jose on July 29, 2011

Ok, 30 years after dos, 25 after win, 16 after 95 now pdc=build windows, but then windows8 not equal to legacywin, then .net [email protected] and silverlight in doubt...... [read more]


Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Posted by jose on March 12, 2011

If you use silverlight you will appreciate SP1 So far it installs without flaws in test and production machines in our team.  ... [read more]